Family Sues Driver Who Killed Their Son

A drunken driver who killed Michigan teenager Curt Orlowski last year in a traffic accident is facing a lawsuit filed by the victim’s family, Opposing Views reported.

The parents of 20-year-old Travis Cunningham, Daniel and Elizabeth Cunningham, also are named in the suit because they allegedly gave their son the alcohol that caused him to become intoxicated, according to MLive. Another victim of the July 3, 2014, crash was Orlowski’s passenger, Dakota Gonzales. Both were 18 years of age.

Police said Cunningham’s vehicle veered across a median and struck Orlowski’s car head-on. The victims were headed home after spending the summer working in Ann Arbor. Another passenger in their vehicle survived. Cunningham reportedly had a blood-alcohol content of .22 percent, more than Michigan’s .17 percent “super drunk” level.

“It isn’t clear in the police report where he got the alcohol,” John Bredell, the lawyer hired by Orlowski’s father, told MLive. “Our working conclusion is that he was provided the alcohol at home.”

Police investigators learned that Cunningham’s dad brewed beer at home. “At the relevant times, defendants Elizabeth and Daniel knew or should have known that their son was an alcoholic, and in spite of this knowledge, maintained an open beer tap in their garage in which the minor defendant resided,” the lawsuit states.

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Travis Cunningham is being sued for the deaths of two teenagers.

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