Ginsburg's ‘Impossible Dream’ Before Leaving Supreme Court: Reversing Citizens United

While Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would love to see a controversial campaign-finance ruling overturned before she retires from the Supreme Court, she recently acknowledged that “it won’t happen.”

Vox explained that in the 2010 case, Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission, the court approved unlimited contributions to political candidates. Critics of the decision allege that it gave too much power to wealthy donors, multinational corporations and well-funded interest groups. The ruling permitted the rise of super PACs.

When The New York Times asked Ginsburg to name a goal for the remainder of her tenure on the court, she replied: “It would be an impossible dream, but I’d love to see Citizens United overruled.”

Many Republicans, as well as Democrats, support repeal. Last year, a Bloomberg poll showed that 80 percent of GOP voters and 83 percent of Democrats opposed the ruling. Vox noted that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders made the issue a major part of his presidential campaign. The party’s nominee, Hillary Clinton, also favors overturning the decision.

Even Donald Trump, the apparent Republican nominee, has spoken out against super PACs funneling unlimited contributions to candidates. However, an overwhelming number of congressional Republicans continue to defend the ruling. GOP leaders have consistently resisted Democrats’ efforts to enact campaign-finance reform.

Source: Vox
Photo: RawStory

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