Hillary Sends Candid Note to Republican Woman Who Marched in Washington

Although Democrat Hillary Clinton has been rather quiet since losing the presidential election to Donald Trump, she has posted a few words of encouragement on Twitter, and been seen in a couple selfies with apparently random fans.

However, Clinton is back in the public eye as she just wrote a letter to a Republican woman who voted for the Democrat and also participated in the recent Women’s March on Washington.

The woman is named Joanne Barr, and she notes she has received letters from many people all across the globe since she was profiled in an article in The Washington Post.

Barr noted in a recent interview:

“So much mail — and for someone who doesn’t want to be in the spotlight.

It’s been overwhelming, but I didn’t realize there were so many wonderful, nice people.”

Barr also commented she never expected to get all that mail, and for sure did not expect to get a letter from Hillary Clinton.

Barr, who resides in Pennsylvania, has been a Republican her entire life.

That said, Donald Trump’s sexism and divisive rhetoric led her to support Hillary Clinton in the election.

She says she was very disappointed by the outcome of the election, which motivated her to come more than 100 miles from her home to join the Women’s March in Washington together with her daughter, Ashley.

Clinton was inspired by Barr’s story. So she decided to reach out.

The ex-secretary of state wrote in her letter:

'While I know that we are disappointed and heartbroken by the outcome of the election, I am heartened to know that the experience of this campaign has been empowering for you.

Never forget that you are powerful and valuable, and that one person can make a difference.

I am honored to have had your support and to now stand with you as we face the future with renewed hope and determination.'

Source: Elite Daily
Photo: YouTube, The Washington Post/Joanne Barr

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