Ivana Trump Is Writing A Memoir - Here’s All The Topics She’ll Cover

Coming to bookstores on September 12, Ivana Trump, the ex-wife of President Donald Trump, plans to share her memories raising the Trump children. The mother of Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka Trump says the book is about 'motherhood, strength and resilience.'

Ivana Trump's last tell-all, which came out years before Mr. Trump set his sights on the White House, didn't help the businessman come off very well. In fact, Ivana accused her ex-husband of raping her. After Trump got a lot of heat for that part of Ivana's book, she retracted the statement and said he merely made her feel 'violated' during a sexual encounter.

Her new book, 'Raising Trump,' is expected to have much less dirt and much more warmth. This time, she's not focusing on her ex; she's focusing on their three children and her memories of raising them.

"Every day, people ask me how I raised such great kids. They are truly amazed when I tell them that there was no magic to their upbringing,' said Ivana in a statement," Ivana said. "I was a tough and loving mother who taught them the value of a dollar, not to lie, cheat or steal, respect for others, and other life lessons that I’ll share now in 'Raising Trump."'

Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump are all contributing to the book. According to reports, they'll be lending their own memories to share.

"We are immensely proud of our mother and excited for the publication of her new book, Raising Trump. She is an amazing mom, teacher and inspiration to all of us. We are incredibly grateful to have grown up in such a loving and close family," said a statement put out by the three Trump children.

Ivana plans to talk about her own upbringing as well. She grew up in communist Czechoslovakia and came to America to escape the regime. Donald and Ivana's early relationship was splashed across headlines and made out to be a Cinderella story; by the time the couple was getting divorced, the relationship drama was splashed across tabloids.

Because Ivana signed a nondisclosure agreement, it's unlikely Ivana will include any controversial stories of her ex-husband. When she violated this agreement in 1992, Trump sued her for $25 million.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: YouTube

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