Joe Biden Still Considering A Run In 2016?

The majority of political polls show Hillary Clinton as the front-runner for the 2016 presidential Democratic nomination. That is unless Bernie Sanders continues to fascinate more liberals. Other candidates, Jim Webb, Lincoln Chafee and Martin O'Malley haven't posed much of a threat. Yet, vice-president Joe Biden may have an affect, should he declare his candidacy.

It may be a good time as the Obama administration is having one of its most successful months yet with successes for The Affordable Care Act and making gay marriage a constitutional right. In addition, the administration just brokered a historic nuclear deal with Iran. Obama said that Clinton would be "a great president" if she's elected in 2016. Of Obama, a Brookings Institution fellow and former Clinton State Department special advisor Jeremy Shapiro told Politico, “She’s going to basically support his policies but imply without saying so that she’s going to be tougher.” On the other hand, Sanders challenges the establishment of the Democratic party.

He wants a single-payer health care system and opposes trade deals such as the one Obama is desperately trying to get approved. Obama voters who want a continuation would prefer Biden. In addition, Biden is the only Democratic candidate who made a visit to all three early presidential primary states (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina) in 2015. According to ABC News, he said he’ll make a decision “at the end of the summer.” Biden has run for president twice before. Biden said “Some say this amounts to a third term for President Obama. I call it sticking with what works.”

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