New Poll Shows Biden On Top

According to a recent poll from NBC News/Wall Street Journal, Biden received a favorability rating of 40 percent, while only 28 percent of voters viewed him negatively. This gave the vice president a +12 ratio, opposed to other Democratic candidates. Clinton currently has a -8 and Bernie Sanders a +10.

This poll also showed Biden had a higher ratio than the top three front runners for the Republican Party: Trump at -33, Fiorina at +7 and Carson at +8. These impressive numbers mean that if Biden ran, and a general election was held today, he could reach the top of the GOP field, which would represent quite a challenge for Clinton.

In various hypothetical matchups, that have been released, Clinton bests Trump by 49 percent to 39 percent but was evenly matched with three of the other Republican contenders: Fiorina then bests her at 45 to 44; Carson at 46 to 45 and Bush, who comes in just a point below Clinton.

Yet, when Biden is put up against the same candidates, he would beat Bush by 48 to 40 percent, Carson by 49 to 41 percent, Fiorina by 47 to 41 percent and Donald Trump by 56 to 35 percent. Sanders would also come out on top in a head to head with Trump at 52 to 36. This poll was held between the dates of September 20th and 24th and more than 1,000 adults were taken into account.

Photo: Giant Bomb

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