No One Saw This Coming - Hillary Clinton’s New Email Scandal Ally

President Donald Trump is reneging on one of his key campaign promises: to prosecute former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The Trump administration made it clear after the election that he had no intention of pursuing any investigations against Clinton. Now, he's actively trying to shut down those who are pursuing an investigation.

The Clinton email scandal served Trump well during the election. Despite the FBI clearing Clinton of all charges, twice, Trump continued to turn the mole hill into a mountain because it politically benefitted him. He painted his opponent as a crook, and promised that if he were elected he would push to reopen the investigation.

Since Trump failed to follow through with this particular campaign promise, two conservative legal groups had taken the complaint to a federal court in Washington on Monday. 'Judicial Watch' and 'Cause of Action' compelled the judge to order the release of more of Clinton's emails, which she claims were mostly personal emails about her daughter's wedding and her yoga classes.

President Trump sent representatives from the Department of Justice to argue against the conservative groups.

“It is moot,” said Justice Department lawyer Carol Federighi. “Our principal argument is going to be mootness based on all the developments that have happened since the case was filed.”

The DOJ lawyers said the Trump administration plans to oppose any requests. Some 55,000 of the former Secretary of State's emails have been made public, and no incriminating evidence has been found. Thanks to a late reopening of the case in the 11th hour by FBI Director James Comey, Clinton lost the election. The issue of her emails is now irrelevant.

Why the president had such a sudden change of heart is unclear. It could be that he's unaware that his DOJ is backing Clinton. It could be that he's just trying to stir the pot. Or perhaps, there just never was anything to the emails, and he knows it. “I thought it was clearly moot,” the judge concurred.

Source: The Washington Post
Photo: YouTube

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