O’Malley Calls for Gun Control in Wake of Church Shootings

Aides to Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley say the former Maryland governor is planning a “major push” in advocating gun control because he is “pissed” about last week’s church massacre in South Carolina.

More severe restrictions on firearms could be a big part of O’Malley’s campaign, Business Insider reported. The news site noted that many candidates are reluctant to speak out about the issue because of the power of the National Rifle Association.

"Governor O'Malley was fearless in taking on gun control in Maryland, standing up even to members of his own party to get results,” his campaign spokeswoman told Business Insider. “This is an issue you will be hearing more about from him."

On Friday, O’Malley sent an email to his supporters, criticizing politicians for their response to the June 17 shootings in Charleston, S.C. He accused them of waiting for “the appropriate moment to say what we’re all thinking,” instead of “jumping to act.”

Calling the frequent mass killings in the United States a “national crisis,” he wrote: “This is not the America we want to be living in. I'm pissed that we’re actually asking ourselves the horrific question of, what will it take? How many senseless acts of violence in our streets or tragedies in our communities will it take to get our nation to stop caving to special interests like the NRA when people are dying?"

Photo: CS Monitor

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