Republicans Need To Do Some ‘Soul Searching’ on Climate Change

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham acknowledged that his party’s leaders have failed to take meaningful positions on environmental issues.

The veteran South Carolina lawmaker and potential presidential candidate said the GOP requires “soul searching” regarding climate change, The Huffington Post reported. Many Republicans continue to either dispute the science or deny that human activities are responsible for global warming.

Graham stressed during a speech at the Council of Foreign Relations that he understands carbon emissions are contributing to the crisis. He called on other Republicans to come to the same conclusion and formulate policy proposals to address the problem.

"Before we can be bipartisan, we gotta figure out where we are as a party,” he said. “What is the environmental platform of the Republican party? I don't know, either. I'd like to come up with one, I'd like to have a debate within the party. Can you say that climate change is a scientifically sound phenomenon, but can you reject the idea you have to destroy the economy to solve the problem, is sort of where I'll be taking this debate."

Graham added: "The problem is Al Gore has turned this thing into a religion. You know, climate change is not a religious problem for me, it is an economic, it is an environmental problem."

Photo: Tea Party

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