Sanders: I’m Not A Democrat

Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has long described himself as a democratic socialist, confirmed Tuesday night that he is not a member of the Democratic Party.

When MSNBC host Chris Hayes asked the Vermont lawmaker whether he considers himself a Democrat, he replied: “No, I’m an independent. If the Democratic Party is going to succeed — and I want to see it succeed — it’s gonna have to open its door to independents. There are probably more independents in this country than Democrats or Republicans. It’s got to open its doors to working people and to young people; create a grassroots party. That’s what we need.”

The Hill noted that Sanders has faced questions about his political affiliation since he entered last year’s race for the Democratic presidential nomination. In April 2016, his campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, said in a Bloomberg interview that the senator would continue calling himself a Democrat following the election.

Sanders and Tom Perez, the recently elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee, are holding rallies across the country to promote the party’s legislative agenda and encourage progressive congressional candidates. They hope to build opposition to President Trump’s legislative agenda and help Democrats make gains in the 2018 midterm election. The party’s goals are to capture control of the Senate and at least reduce the GOP majority in the House of Representatives.

Sanders explained to Hayes that he is urging Democrats to support progressive ideas, such as “Medicare for all” and a reduction in the income gap between the nation’s rich and poor. Perez, who also took part in the interview, declared that “health care is a right, not a privilege.”

The party chairman continued: “I think the unity that we’ve shown in the recent efforts by Trump to repeal the Affordable Care Act has been an energizing force for Democrats, independents and others who share the values of inclusion and opportunity. We have shared values. We all believe America works best when everyone has a chance to succeed, when we have shared prosperity and not just prosperity for a few.”

Source: The Hill
Photo: YouTube

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