Sanders Issues Huge Warning - Trump Would Be A ‘Disaster For This Country’

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders put up a valiant fight against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during primary season, and since then he’s carved out a role as one of the Democratic Party’s biggest assets on the campaign trail. He’s doing his best to ensure that Clinton wins the election this November, and he’s not hiding his distaste for the politics of Republican nominee Donald Trump along the way.

As RT reports, Sanders feels that a Trump presidency would have far-reaching consequences that would impact the country for quite some time.

“I want people to vote their own consciousness, but I think that this is an enormously important election. I think that Donald Trump would be a disaster for this country,” Sanders said.

He offered up a pretty personal take on why it means so much to him as well, and that provides some great insight into why he’s been stumping so hard for his former rival.

“Look, I got seven grandchildren, I got four kids. I do not want them growing up under a Trump presidency, so for me it is not hard. If the question is what I’d rather run for president today, yes, I would have, but I lost and I’m going to do my best to make sure that Hillary Clinton is elected president,” he said.

Source: RT
Photo: YouTube

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