Some Believe Vice President Joe Biden May Be Running for President

New speculation regarding a presidential attempt by Vice President Joe Biden has been stirred up once again due to his visit to the early caucus state of Iowa. According to reports, Biden is planning a trip to Des Moines to talk about the current Obama administration’s policies related to the economy. He plans to speak at Drake University according to reports from the White House. He is also planning to participate in a round table while visiting the Des Moines Area Community College, where they will discuss the proposal by President Barack Obama to offer free community college to students in the country.

If Vice President Biden, who is currently 72 years old, were to be successfully elected as president in 2016, he would be 74 when taking office, which makes him the oldest person in this position. Currently, former President Ronald Reagan holds this record, having gone into office at the age of 69.

In an interview last month, Biden made the claim that there is a chance that he will run for president during the 2016 election, no matter if Hillary Clinton does or not. However, he also stated that he has not completely made up his mind about this and that there is a great deal of work that needs to be done between now and the actual election.

The vice president is still ranking near the bottom in the majority of early polls; however, this is fairly early into any decision making, giving him a chance to grow his number of supporters for a presidential run.

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