Trump Could Bring ‘End of the Republic’

The success of political outsiders in the Republican presidential race is “dangerous” for the country, according to Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel of New York.

“When people support people like (Ben) Carson and (Donald) Trump, they’re not condemning just the Republicans … they’re saying this for the whole damn country,” he told Yahoo News. “That’s dangerous, because when people give up on the country … I truly believe that being American makes a difference because you believe in your country. I think that makes you work a little harder. It gives you a little more hope.”

The congressman reserved his sharpest criticism for Trump. “Now we’re hearing people on television and the pundits saying, ‘I didn’t know it was possible, but mathematically, you know, the guy really could win,’,” Rangel said. “That’s like a nightmare. It could be the end of the republic as we know it.”

He dismissed Trump’s controversial rhetoric as “bluster,” but conceded that it has been working. He noted that neither the New York billionaire nor Carson has any experience in public office. “All they’re really telling you is what they’re against, not what they’ve done,” Rangel said.

Regarding Carson, the lawmaker remarked: “If he wanted to tell me that he was interested in becoming a martial arts instructor in China, I would say that’s very interesting because he’d have just as much talent at doing that as running for president.”

Photo: NY Daily News

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