Trump Will Dissolve Charity ‘To Avoid Any Conflict’

Donald Trump, responding to critics who claim his financial entanglements will pose conflicts of interest in the White House, has announced plans to disband his charitable operation.

According to CNN, the president-elect released a written statement in which he explained he is dissolving the Trump Foundation “to avoid even the appearance of any conflict with my role as president.” Trump promised to reveal the process of breaking up the organization in January, even though he continues to argue that his business ties will not interfere with his new job.

CNN noted that the president-elect has not divested himself from his global empire of hotels, golf resorts and other facilities. Trump has made business deals with numerous foreign leaders and companies, including some in countries not allied with the United States.

Although Trump has given his foundation no funding for eight years, he said the operation has provided money to military veterans’ groups, police agencies and child-advocacy organizations. He claimed to have a “strong interest in philanthropy in other ways,” as well. “I gave millions of dollars to DJT Foundation, raised or received millions more, ALL of which is given to charity, and media won’t report!” the president-elect tweeted.

According to Trump’s presidential transition team, lawyers will be in charge of dissolving the foundation, which does not employ anyone and no longer solicits contributions.

Source: CNN
Photo: YouTube

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