Warren: Trump’s A ‘Sleaze Ball’ And ‘Con Man’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, campaigning for Hillary Clinton on Sunday, called Donald Trump a “selfish little sleaze ball” and a “small, insecure money grubber,” according to The Hill.

The Massachusetts Democrat told the crowd at the Auraria college campus in Denver that Trump is a “pathetic cheapskate” and “a two-bit con man who just may be the worst businessman in the United States.”

Warren lashed out at the Republican presidential nominee for refusing to release his tax returns, and for his alleged habit of kissing and groping women against their will. At least nine accusers have said the real-estate mogul inappropriately touched them. Referring to the candidate’s apparent bragging about sexual assault in a recently released 2005 audio recording, the senator said: “Donald Trump’s words, they don’t make me sick anymore; they make me furious.”

As for Trump’s pledge erect a wall along the nation’s southern border to discourage illegal immigration, Warren declared: “We will never build a stupid wall between here and Mexico.”

Bernie Sanders also spoke at the rally. “We’re going to beat Trump and we’re going to beat him badly and we’re going to elect Hillary Clinton,” he vowed, adding that Democratic leadership in Washington will “bring millions of people together to create a political revolution and to create a government … that works for all of us, not just the 1 percent.”

The Vermont senator repeated his warning that the country is becoming an “oligarchy,” as “a handful of billionaires are attempting to buy the United States government.”

Source: The Hill
Photo: US Department of Labor - L-16-04-06-A-189/Wikimedia

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