12-Year-Old Forced To Marry 37-Year-Old Man, Then She Does The Unthinkable

A video going viral on YouTube was put out there to raise awareness about a persistent problem. Seeing the video has helped get the message across.

The video was made during the UN’s International Day of the Girl Child. People in Norway invited to an event were stunned when a 12-year-old girl in a wedding dress walked down the aisle toward a 37-year-old groom.

When the priest asked if the girl would take the man, viewers erupted into objections and shouted to “Stop the wedding!”

The video opens with the girl looking incredibly sad as someone does her hair and make-up. "Today, Thea (12) is going to marry Geir (37)," reads a caption on the screen.

In the video, when the priest asks a somber Thea if she takes Geir, her head shakes back and forth to indicate she doesn't. The sad child's eyes are cast down to the floor. People in the room begin shouting, and Thea finally turns and walks back down the aisle. She's a free, unmarried girl and a smile spreads across her face as everyone cheers.

"Every day, 39,000 underage girls are forced into marriage," a final caption reads. After seeing the child bride, the statistic is sobering.

Source: Little Things
Photo: YouTube

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