3-Year-Old Fed ‘Candy’ By His Dad - Mother Realizes It Isn’t Candy

Three-Year-Old Xiao Xin was immediately rushed to the hospital after her parents mistakenly fed her over 200 expandable water balls. The family originally believed the balls to be candy treats, but very quickly learned otherwise when the mother happened to pick one up from the floor.

The Daily Mail reports that the mother went out that day and bought what she believed to be Wonka Rainbow Nerds, her daughter’s favorite candy. In actuality, what she purchased were expandable water balls. The mother claims that the cashier at the store failed to alert her of what she was paying for. Later that evening, while the mother prepared dinner, the father poured the water balls into his palm and fed them to his daughter in bunches, wanting to reward her with sweet treats. The mother went to pick one up, later spitting it out, noting its “hard” and doesn’t taste “sweet.”

The parents immediately raced to the mini mart to purchase another bottle of tiny beads to discover how much was in each container. They were horrified to learn that each bottle contained 280 expandable water beads. The father and mother grabbed their daughter and immediately rushed her to the Huai'an Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital. Doctor Xia Sun Lin performed an X-ray on the girl and was forced to deliver the terrible news: The balls had already started expanding. He prescribed the young girl with the same medication as laxatives, which would expel the balls from her system.

Later that night, Xiao Xin rid herself of ten slightly expanded balls and expelled the rest over the next few days.

When the alarming story hit the Internet, social media users wasted no time in providing critical feedback. “Even if it's real sweets, you can't feed 280 sweets to your daughter! Unless they want her to get diabetes!” one person wrote. “How can the girl eat 280 unsweetened ‘candies’ and not telling her parents?” someone else asked.

Source: Mommy Page
Photo: Mommy Page

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