Baby Reunites With Nurse Who Cared For Her When She Was Just Three Months Old

Thirty-seven years ago, a small baby was just three months old when she fell on a hot-steam humidifier. The infant was rushed to the hospital and spent years suffering as a child from the ordeal.

One thought she always held on to was of the nurse who cared for her. In a series of photos from after the accident, it seems one young nurse was always there holding her and making her smile.

After an internet search, the woman and her nurse met for a tearful reunion.

Amanda Scarpinati doesn't remember the time she spent in the Albany Medical Center in New York because she was just a baby. The only thing she had to remember the ordeal was the disfiguring burn scars, and some black-and-white photos from the hospital's annual report.

A photographer took the pictures of Scarpinati when she was a patient, and a young, unnamed nurse seemed to always be at her side.

In one photo the nurse is cuddling Scarpinati, who was all wrapped up in gauze.

In another, the 3-month-old baby is looking up intently at the nurse, who is hovering over her. In still another photo, the baby is peeking over the nurse's shoulder.

Over the years, people would ask Scarpinati who was the woman who was always with her in the photos, and Scarpinati had no clue. She continued to draw comfort from the woman's presence, though.

“Growing up as a child, disfigured by the burns, I was bullied and picked on, tormented," she said.

"I'd look at those pictures and talk to her, even though I didn't know who she was. I took comfort looking at this woman who seemed so sincere, caring for me."

Scarpinati had been looking for the woman, but it wasn't easy. She didn't even have a name.

She finally made an appeal for help on Facebook. A post with the nurse's photo went viral, and someone recognized her.

The woman turned out to be Sue Berger.

Berger was just out of college and working her first nursing job when the badly burned little baby was placed in her care. She remembered Scarpinati well.

"She was an amazing little patient," Berger recalls.

"So calm and so trusting, so alert and attentive at her age, having been what she went through. She had to be in pain."

Berger was touched when she learned of the impact she had on her young patient so long ago. “What a beautiful story, she said.

“What a beautiful woman she is," she added.

A reunion between the nurse and the baby she cared for, Scarpinati, now 38, finally got to stand face-to-face from her own personal guardian angel.

When Berger entered the room, Scarpinati burst into tears. The two embraced.

"You're real," she said. "Oh my God, you're real."

“I couldn't believe it, couldn't believe it,” said Scarpinati.

“The emotion I felt I wasn't prepared for when I saw her. It was almost like hugging a mom.”

Scarpinati believes she's been given a new mission in life by God.

“It’s to give inspiration, hope, appreciation to all those who touch people’s lives," she wrote. “Most of all, it’s for me to feel liberated, unchained, and no longer ashamed.”

Source: Little Things
Photo: Scary Mommy, NBC News

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