Banks Mistake Lands College Student Behind Bars

Engineering student, Christine Jia Xin Lee, 21, had $4.6 million accidentally deposited into her banking account through a mistaken overdraft made by Westpac banking group in 2012. She decided to spend the money on luxury items such as a Hermes Himalayan Crocodile Birkin, which retails for around $150,000. In addition, she purchased designer bags in every color, a Christian Dior outfit, jewelry, snakeskin clutch bags and more. She was found in 2015, when pictures showed her with the items in her unit.

On April 15, 2015, bank lawyers and independent solicitors arrived at her apartment with a court order. Moreover, she even spent $220,000 in one day at the Christian Dior shop in Sydney. When asked if she had anything left, she said she only had $4,000. Westpac was able to recover $1.15 million she transferred to a Paypal account. She was also asked where she thought the money came from. She replied, "I thought that the money was from my parents in Malaysia." Her parents were staying in a $100,000 condominium she purchased in Malaysia. The case is expected to come before Waverley Local Court on Tuesday.

Photo: Haberra

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