Do You Wear Your Birthstone? Here's What It Means

People born in January wear the garnet. They're very attentive to others and have a tendency to 'mother' people.

If they're not careful, they can be a little overly-critical in their effort to give 'tough love'.

The stone for February is the amethyst, a stone for people with an air of mystery about them. People born in February like to do things their own way; they can be hurt easily, but are quick to forgive.

The watery aquamarine is the stone for people born in March, and it's no wonder that these people are thought to be as moody as the sea. One minute they can be tranquil and serene, the next minute a tempest can stir up without warning.

If you were born in April, you might be happy to hear that you are represented by the diamond. Fearless and adventurous people are born in this month, but they can sometimes be rash and irrational.

May birthdays are associated with the emerald. They're earthy people who are very physical and hard-working.

If not careful, those born in May can be stubborn and get stuck in a rut.

The pearl represents those born in June, and like the soft shine of this oceanic treasure, so do people born in June have a soft side. They are dreamers, good at making friends and quick to trust.

People born in June need to be careful that they don't let themselves be taken advantage of by others who might exploit their kindness.

The fiery ruby is the stone for the fiery month of July. People born in July can have just as fiery a personality.

They're full of passion and a bit temperamental. They do need their 'me time', though, so they have a tendency to withdraw occasionally and enjoy some time alone.

People wearing a peridot were born in August, and they just love to be the life of the party. August-born people are often social butterflies with big personalities.

They are usually talented and love to show off, but be careful - they're easily offended.

Sapphires are the stone that represent people born in September. People born in September are generally deep thinkers with a quick wit.

They're very observant and sometimes might come off critical and aloof. They can be great conversationalists.

Opal is for October, and people born in this month are a lot like the stone with which they're associated: they appear to be one way on the outside, but when you look closely you see all kinds of things going on beneath the surface. October babies learn to develop a hard shell to protect themselves, but underneath they experience a wide range of emotions.

The citrine represents people born in November, who are generally idea people. They are sharp thinkers who love to find solutions to problems and solve mysteries.

They can be secretive and don't always lay their cards on the table, but when they do tell you something you can be sure they're being honest.

The December birthstone is the turquoise, and people born in this month can be very influential. They come off as very genuine, proud, trustworthy and grounded.

They're usually eloquent speakers. They have little patience for people who are less serious or who are playing games and can lose their temper, but it's not long before they get their emotions back under control.

Source: Cure Joy, She Knows
Photo: YouTube

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