Bra Helps Save Woman's Life

A German woman recently rode her bicycle unknowingly through a boar hunt and police believe it was the underwire in her bra that helped saved her life. According to the police, the 41-year-old was vacationing and on a bike ride with her husband in Gadebusch, which lies about 45 miles to the northeast of Hamburg on August 2nd. The woman, who has not been identified, heard a rifle fire and then felt a pain in her chest.

The underwire in the bra is what looks to have stopped the bullet, according to the police. This impact, however, left the woman with a significant bruise on her chest, but it is better than the bullet hole that could have happened if she had not been wearing the bra. Police also found a dead boar right in the line of fire and think that the bullet might have hit the woman after it ricocheted off of the animal.

After the woman’s husband saw the hunters in a nearby field and let them know what happened to his wife, they decided to call off their hunt altogether. The incident is currently under investigation by the Gadebusch Criminal Commission due to the suspicion of negligent injury by the hunters. The authorities are also considering whether or not there were proper signs that warned anyone who was passing by that there was a hunt taking place.

Photo: Betches Love This

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