Couple Receives Touching Gift From Strangers Just Before Wedding

Mary Hall and her fiance, Chuck Neese, were excitedly looking ahead to their big day. The couple was just days away from tying the knot, and the excitement was mounting.

Mary arrived home from work one day, and she was struck by the sight of a mysterious package sitting on the kitchen table. Her groom-to-be assumed that it was some kind of wedding gift, and he would wait for the love of his life to get home so that they could open it together.

As Little Things shares, the couple would do just that. It was a gift alright, but it wasn’t anything they were even remotely suspecting.

In fact, the gift was from some complete strangers that they had never even heard of. Nonetheless, it was a sweet little gift.

The couple was gifted a pair of champagne glasses with a touching inscription.

“Let me dance with you forever. Mary & Chuck,” the inscription read.

As Mary explains, the gift included a photo and an incredibly touching letter.

“We opened it, and he started reading that letter, and as he started reading, I just got chills and goosebumps all over,” she said.

So who dropped this random gift of awesomeness on the couple? As they read the letter together, they were treated to a rather touching tale.

“You do not know us, but we found your names through a Google search ‘Chuck and Mary engagement notice,'” the letter read in part.

It turns out that a family was feeling rather sentimental about their late parents, and they just so happened to come across the couple’s announcement while poking around online. That inspired them to pay it forward in an incredibly touching way.

The letter would go on to explain that they hoped the couple would simply accept their gift and enjoy them.

“We kindly wish that you will accept these engraved champagne glasses that had once belonged to our late parents, Chuck & Mary Felker of La Crosse, Wisconsin… very, very loving people,” the letter added.

They did sneak in one suggestion for the couple to make their wedding day even more memorable.

“Our family also sends you wishes that you both also have such a blessed union. If you ever get the chance to dance to their favorite song, it would be Moon River, by Henry Mancini,” the letter continues.

“The Mississippi River holds many great memories of summers spent boating, playing on the sand bars, and water skiing for the entire family.”

Mary and Chuck were incredibly moved by the touching and random gift, and we can only imagine that it made the time before the big day even more memorable. It’s probably safe to assume that the gift also provided a little bit of relief for them that things will be just fine if they just stick together, as wedding jitters can get the better of even the strongest couples.

The couple, who have a daughter together, also note that they plan to do the exact same thing after their daughter gets married. They’re going to find their own Mary and Chuck to pay it forward to, and it’s safe to say that couple of the future will be similarly floored by such an awesome random act of kindness.

Source: Little Things, Liftable
Photo: Mary Hall/Facebook

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