Caretaker Loses His Mind, Does The Unthinkable To Toddler

A man from Chicago snapped, then killed and dismembered a lactose intolerant child who would not stop crying after drinking some milk.

Kamel Harris was babysitting two-year-old Kyrian Knox when the child was reported missing in the fall of last year. The toddler’s dismembered body parts were eventually found in a Chicago lake.

Harris was charged with Kyrian's murder this week when law enforcement discovered blood in the 41-year-old's car.

Chicago Police Commander Kevin Duffin commented investigators believe Harris just “snapped” and killed the crying child. Duffin pointed out that Kryian was lactose-intolerant, and had ingested milk and had been crying most of the day he was killed.

“He just kinda snapped and couldn't deal with it anymore,” Duffin explained.

The victim's family were justifiably outraged.

“And that's a reason to kill a baby?” Kyrian’s grandmother Cameshia Harri asked. In an interview “And dismember him? And throw him away like he was nothing?”

Of note, the child's death was ruled a homicide, but the medical examiner could not determine the exact cause of death due to the condition of the body.

Harris now faces felony charges of first-degree murder, concealment of a homicidal death and dismembering a human body.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: Patch

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