Officials Close School Teaching Women To Be Subordinate

According to multiple news reports out of China, officials there recently shut down a school that taught women to be both obedient and subordinate to men.

The Chinese national education bureau commented that the institute, which claimed on its website that it instructed students in "traditional virtues", was in violation of socialist core values.

A video available online showed lecturers speaking against gender equality, and also offering other advice such as not fighting back when being beaten to women.

Education experts point out that China is experiencing a notable increase in similar institutes in the last few years.

The video, which was posted by Pear Video shows teachers at the Fushun School of Traditional Culture instructing female students to not attempt to have a career and instead just be content "just stay at the bottom level".

The video shows the teachers telling women to obey their fathers, husbands, and sons without question.

Other so-called "advice" from the teachers included to never argue when being scolded and to never divorce their husband.

The Fushun School, located in northern China, is also known for scolding women for wearing make-up.

Shockingly, the female students were also taught they would die if they had sex with more than three men in their lives, and merely ordering takeaways could lead to a loss of virtue.

The institute was established by a man named Kang Jinsheng, who was convicted of murder almost three decades ago, and then became inspired to teach “Chinese traditional cultural values”.

Kang launched the Fushun Traditional Values Association in the northern Liaoning province six years ago and three other branches have also opened across China.

In the video, you can see one female teacher telling her students:

"Whatever your husband asks, your reply should be: 'Yes. Right away’”.

According to local Chinese news reports, the teachers at the school require students to begin eight hours of household chores at 4:30 am every day. You could see women doing domestic housework including sweeping and mopping the floor, and cleaning the toilets with their bare hands.

Of interest, several employees of the school were protesting against the closure, explaining to media sources the video did not accurately represent their work in promoting traditional Chinese culture.

However, a new statement on the Weibo account of the local education bureau in Fushun noted: "the institute's teachings went against social morality and must be closed immediately".

Authorities also suggested that the public be on the lookout for similar inappropriate teaching institutes.

"We must stop any phenomenon that violates the socialist core value," the statement continued.

Source: BBC, Telegraph
Photos: Public Domain Pictures, Pixababy, Marc Nozell/Flickr, PxHere, Pexels

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