Cop Finds Adopted Boy Who Ran Away - His Few Words Leaves Parents In Tears

Parents were having a hard time with their son, and the little boy even attempted to run away. He hopped the family's back fence and was gone for hours.

A police officer managed to find the young man and had a heart-to-heart with him. The parents are just thrilled at the way things turned out.

The parent wrote in to the Oklahoma City Police Department to tell them about one of their officers who went above and beyond the call of duty. As the parent shared the heartwarming story, the police were touched by how things turned out.

The unnamed child was formerly a foster child, but the family adopted him. The little boy was still struggling with rules and responsibilities, according to the parent who wrote the letter.

"My 9-year-old son was adopted from foster care and came to us with a laundry list of emotional issues," it read.

"His newest pattern is to run away and be gone for hours. Today, for the second time, he bolted out the back door and scaled the fence and took off down the road."

"I tried for over an hour to get him to get in the car and he refused, screaming and causing a scene. Officer Nick O'Bryant responded and was an amazing, kind, courteous professional," the parent added.

O'Bryant got down to the boy's level to talk to him and see what was going on. A heart-melting picture shows the officer kneeling in front of the young boy.

He says the boy was frustrated, but the officer was genuinely interested in hearing the boy's feelings.

According to O'Bryant, the little boy didn't agree with all of his 'parenting tactics'.

"His problem seemed to be pretty common. He just didn't understand some of the difference between his age and his brother's age... he didn't want to do all of his chores and he kind of wanted a little bit of candy, and kind of wanted to take it without asking for it, and didn't understand that he may need to earn that," said the officer to KOCO Oklahoma City.

O'Bryant believes he's a good kid and just listened to the child. Then he invited the boy in his patrol car for a ride and a talk.

"I got him to understand that listening and asking for stuff from his parents would probably go a lot further than just going and taking it and going and doing it on his own."

The parents were extremely appreciative of the officer's help. "Even though I could hear his radio going off, he spent time with us to be sure we were OK," the resident wrote in the letter.

"What started as another page in the nightmare ... turned into a really positive encounter.”

When the KOCO reporter asked O’Bryant if he dealt with children a lot on the job, the officer answered, "I wouldn't say a whole lot, I usually work the night shift so I don't see a whole lot of kids out and about."

Maybe he should be transferred to a special children’s unit, he seems to have the right touch.

Source: MSN
Photo: Oklahoma City Police Department

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