Coroner Issues Warning About Breastfeeding Pillows After Three Infants Tragically Die

A nursing pillow meant to make feeding infants easier was ruled the cause of at least three infant deaths in Pennsylvania. The pillow has been ruled a danger and the state banned the sale of it.

The nursing pillow is meant to be used as an armrest to prop up a mother’s arm while she holds and feeds her baby. The crescent shape is meant to wrap around the mother’s waist and help her support the baby. It’s been the cause of at least three deaths in Pennsylvania, and is believed to be responsible for deaths in other states. Other states have put out warnings about nursing pillow dangers, and some companies initiated voluntary recalls.

In the cases in which the babies died, they were left to sleep on the curved pillow. When babies wiggle down or roll over, their faces can become buried in the soft cushion and it may obstruct their airway.

Child care experts recommend babies be put to sleep in a crib on a flat mattress with no pillows, bumpers or stuffed animals in the crib. Nursing pillows even come with warnings on the boxes telling parents to never let babies sleep on the pillow and never to leave children on them unattended.

Source: IJ Review
Photo: WRTV

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