Couple Rejoices After Being Sentenced To Life In Prison - Here’s Why

Self proclaimed skinheads, Jeremy and Christine Moody, brazenly admitted to the murder of Marvin and Gretchen Parker. They targeted Marvin due to his status as a sex offender and his wife was branded as a mere “casualty of war.” Jeremy shot each of the victims, while Christine slit the wife’s throat. The murderous duo revealed to police that they also had another sex offender on their hit list. Jeremy and Christine are also affiliated with a local white supremacist group in South Carolina.

Both members of the white supremacist couple have been ordered to serve to two consecutive life sentences due to the premeditated murder of Marvin and Gretchen Parker. The couple was photographed as smiling gleefully at one another and kissing in court. Jeremy’s lawyer reported that during the execution, Jeremy felt as though he were “ the right hand of God.” The couple’s white supremacist group has a history of targeting sex offenders, both Jeremy and Christine each claim that their murders have no connection to the group in any way whatsoever.

Originally Jeremy and Christine Moody requested a 30-year-sentence so that they would have the ability to see their children and grow old together. Following the denial of this request, they displayed their true feelings: “See you perverts later; thats’s what child molestors get,” Jeremy remorselessly taunted at the Parker family. Christine drove his point home by boldly stating that the couple would happily repeat their actions if given the chance.

The Moodys claimed to have killed additional people, but authorities have yet to find evidence to corroborate these claims. The couple has pleaded guilty to murder, kidnapping, burglary, and firearm possession. Lawyers claim that both assailants were sexually abused as children, while fueled their hatred towards sex offenders. The Moodys were labeled by prosecution as “cold hearted” and “wanting the glory.”

The Sheriff stated that the duo had no right to act as judge, jury, and executioner, especially since Parker had already served his sentence for taking advantage of a disabled woman.

Jeremy Moody suffers from paranoia and delusions, according to his attorney. Christine Moody is also ailed with borderline personality disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and antisocial personality disorder.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: Fox Carolina

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