Couple Shocked To Find Out High, Half-Naked Man Who Burst Into Their Home Was A Lawyer

A New Jersey couple had a shocking experience on November 11, when an intruder came to their home in Rutherford. The couple was watching television at around 5 pm when a strange man wearing nothing but a t-shirt and high heels bust into their home and exclaimed, "I'm here!"

As it turns out, he is an attorney. That knowledge of the law will no doubt come in handy as he faces charges.

Justin Paul Christodoro is a 39-year-old attorney from Hackensack. The attorney got high on ecstasy earlier this month and burst into the wrong home.

According to the horrified couple, he was wearing a tight black t-shirt, high heels, and 'nary a thing' other than that. He terrified the homeowners when he burst in announcing his presence.

"He didn't do anything to them; it was just the breaching of the threshold, as it were," Rutherford Police Captain Patrick Feliciano. "It did not appear he had bad intentions. I'm grateful nothing worse happened."

"No one got hurt," added Feliciano.

It seems that as soon as Christodoro made his grand entrance he realized his horrible mistake. He walked back out and hurried away.

The couple called police to report the intruder. He was found later in the driveway of another home, in his car, sound asleep. He was still wearing only the t-shirt and heels.

The police report that when they woke up the lawyer he seemed 'kind of out of it' and 'had no idea how he got there'.

The police searched Christodoro and found he was in possession of a plastic bag full of MDMA, also known as ecstasy. He was brought to a nearby hospital for an examination first, and when he was released he was placed under arrest.

Christodoro was charged with trespassing, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, lewdness and he also got a traffic violation for blocking a driveway. He has a court hearing scheduled for November 29.

The attorney works at his law office in Elmwood Park, where he specializes in divorce, criminal law and traffic law. It's a good thing he's got connections, because he's going to need a good lawyer.

Christodoro and a number of other of drug users who wandered into the wrong house should be a cautionary tale to those who liked to go out when they get high alone. A number of homeowners over the years have come face-to-face with people who were too incapacitated to realize they went through the wrong door.

A few have found their way to sofas or beds and passed out without realizing they were in a stranger's house.

One woman came home to find an intruder in her bathroom taking a shower. She went outside to call 911. At the same time, another 911 call came in. This one was from the intruder, who wanted to report he was in a stranger’s bathroom and the homeowner had just come home. He was afraid to leave the bathroom for fear the homeowner might harm him.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Lyndhurst Police Department, dpproductions/123RF Stock Photo, Pixabay Stock Photo, Justin Christodoro/Vimeo via Daily Mail

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