Court Grants Parents Award After Hospital Gave Them The Wrong Baby 27 Years Ago

In 1990, a clinic in Austria made the unthinkable mistake of switching two infant girls at birth. For more than 20 years, the switch went undetected. When one family realized the daughter they had raised was not their own flesh and blood, they sought answers and demanded justice.

A court has awarded them the equivalent of $101,000 U.S. dollars, but the family still wants to know where their baby is.

When Doris Gruenwald was 22 years old, she went for a routine blood test and discovered that she wasn't biologically related to her parents. The stunned woman confronted the man and woman who raised her, and they were equally stunned.

Mom Evelin Gruenwald had given birth in a clinic via caesarian section. After the C-section, the mother spent some 20 hours recovering from the surgery and hadn't been given her child.

At some point, it seems, Gruenwald's baby was switched with another baby girl at the clinic.

After discovering the mix-up, the Gruenwald's sued the clinic. The clinic denied such a mix-up could happen and said the parents probably mixed their child up with another girl later on, after they had left the clinic.

The judge ruled that it was unlikely a mix-up of children occurred later, and decided that the mix-up must have happened at the clinic. The judge ruled that the family would be compensated for the mishap and awarded the family a total sum of over $100,000.

There is one problem that remains: the Gruenwalds have not been able to find the other family.

Doris doesn't know who her biological parents are, and doesn’t know if they even realize she’s out there. And the Gruenwalds don't know what became of their actual daughter.

They have no idea who took their flesh and blood child home, or what kind of life she might have had.

More than anything else, the family wants to find these long-lost relatives. The clinic launched an initiative to give DNA tests to mothers and daughters born there around the same time, they have not been able to find the other family.

None of the 30 women who have come forward to be tested matched the Gruenwald family's DNA.

Doris and Evelin are devastated over the mix-up, but they say that after 27 years together as a family, nothing is going to tear them apart.

"Of course, it was a huge shock for me and my daughter," said Evelin. "But we knew from the start that nothing could separate us, that we would stay mother and daughter. This child is the best thing that ever happened to me."

The clinic continues to contest the ruling, stating that at the time Doris was born, there were no other baby girls with such a low birth weight. Doris had been premature.

They claim the court failed to prove a mix-up actually occurred at the medical facility and they're appealing the ruling.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Daily Mail, RTL via Yahoo, NoTube, iFuun

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