Dad Sits With Teen In Class To Make Sure He Is A Good Student

There are a lot of good kids out there, but even some that are good can find themselves getting in trouble a lot at school.

It may not be serious trouble - not like they're committing a crime or anything. But for some kids, it's hard to sit still, pay attention, and stop talking.

When this happens again and again, parents can feel they're at their wit's end. After all, what can they do about it during class, when they're not even there?

One dad had a solution, and it was brilliant. It was also hysterical- at least the way it was told by his son.

Bradley Howard, the dad of 17-year-old Brad Howard, kept getting phone calls from the school to report his son was in trouble. Brad the younger had a hard time behaving in his physics class at Rockwell-Health High School in Texas, so the teacher repeatedly called to report the boy's behavior.

When Mr. Howard got a call about yet 'another situation' from the teacher, he warned Brad that if it happened one more time he was going to go sit in class with the teen.

Sure enough, Howard got another call. And Brad got a visit from his father the very next day.

Mom Denise urged her husband to follow through with the threat.

"You need to go up there and make good on your promise," she said to her husband as she woke him up extra early that morning. "You have to go to school today."

Howard felt Brad left him with no choice, so he headed off to the high school.

Molli Howard, Brad's sister, thought it was hysterical. She attends the same school as her brother and snapped a picture of her unhappy looking father sitting next to her diligently working brother.

"My dad told my brother if he got another call from the physics teacher complaining he would go sit in his got another call," she wrote on Twitter, sharing the photo. She couldn't help but add a laughing emoji with tears pouring out of its eyes.

The photo started going viral with 3,000 likes and 1,600 retweets. A lot of people thought it was not only funny, but a great example of good parenting.

Eventually, the media picked up the story and wanted to get the scoop from Brad. Today interviewed the teen about his experience. Brad says he was surprised that his father followed through with the threat.

“I walked into class and he was just sitting there,” he explained. "I was just shocked and then I was kind of embarrassed, but it was funny.”

As for the dad, he just says his job is done and he hopes he won't have to do it again. “I was just so glad it was over with,” said Howard.

It’s good to see a parent following through when repeated warnings don’t work. While there are times that parents do go overboard shaming their children, a little embarrassment can be a great motivator.

Brad will probably not forget what his dad did for some time to come, and it’s unlikely that he’s going to allow a situation like that arise again now that he knows his father is serious.

Source: CBS News, Today
Photo: Molli Howard/Twitter, YouTube

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