Dad Was On Verge Of Tears With Sick, Puking Baby, But Good Samaritan Came To His Rescue

If you're a parent, you know how things can go when your child gets sick. One thing after another can go wrong, and sometimes you just need a little help.

One dad was lucky; in his moment of need, help came in the form of a kind store clerk.

Maxwell Auger was taking care of his baby girl, Chelsea, one day. His wife had to work and was unable to take off, and Chelsea's temperature was so high that Auger didn't feel right leaving her with the babysitter.

He sent the sitter home and took care of his little girl himself.

He called the doctor and was told how to help get the little girl's temperature down. He was told to keep her hydrated and what things he could use to keep her comfortable.

By mid-afternoon, Chelsea seemed to be doing much better. The dad decided to risk a quick trip to the store for supplies.

With his baby in one arm, he set out for Meijer's grocery store to pick up some baby food, Pedialyte and other items.

Chelsea was fine at the beginning of the trip. He picked up a stuffed animal at the store for her to play with and he was going from aisle to aisle.

"I go into the aisle where the baby food is and that's when the party started! My daughter looked up at me, her eyes started to water (as I'm holding her), and she pukes ALL OVER ME and all over the aisle and the coat she was wearing," he recounts.

Auger says his baby just repeatedly vomited all over him, herself and the aisle. The two were standing there covered in puke and he still needed to buy the items in the cart.

The overwhelmed dad just didn't know what to do.

A crowd started to form, and people were just staring at him. No one seemed to want to intervene, and some looked disgusted by the vomit.

Thankfully, he then spotted an employee.

By then, his voice was trembling and tears were in Auger's eyes, he says.

He asked the woman, "Ma'am can you please help me ring this stuff out? I have to get her home."

The woman didn't hesitate for a moment, and scooped the vomit-covered child out of his arms. "Yes sir, absolutely," she said, giving Auger a chance to strip off his coat, and then Chelsea's coat.

"Follow me and we will get you out of here, I'll take care of you," the woman said.

"I felt like the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders! Here is a lady who not only was willing to help, but she didn't hesitate to hold my puke-covered, crying kid!" said Auger.

He later found out the clerk's name was Chris, and he says she's an angel.

"You helped me more than I can even begin to express in words. You were an angel to me and my daughter that day and I will NEVER forget what a complete blessing you were," he said.

"You are an AWESOME human being, and I hope Meijer realizes that they have a ROCK STAR!"

Source: Mad World News
Photo: Facebook

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