Distracted Driver Slams Into Stopped Traffic - Family Of Victims Condemn Phone Use Behind Wheel

A mother in the U.K. broke down and made a plea for people to stop allowing their phone to distract them when driving: glancing away for a few seconds can literally cost lives. She knows this because her 11-year-old daughter was killed in a horrific crash due to a distracted driver trying to change the music on his phone. In total, a family of four was killed in the crash.

Tomasz Kroker, the driver of the truck, was fiddling with his phone for about a half a mile, according to the video camera footage from the trucking company. He was trying to put some new music on while barreling down the road at 50 miles per hour. Because he was distracted, he ended up crashing into the car of a family coming home from a camping trip, and caused an 8-car pileup.

Tracy Houghton, a 45-year-old mother driving a car, was killed in the crash. So were her sons Josh, age 11, and Ethan, age 12. Also in the car was Houghton's 11-year-old stepdaughter, Aimee Goldsmith.

Doug Houghton, father of Josh and Ethan, says he was devastated when he got news of the crash. “I thought that was the worst day of my life – my kids being killed – but I think it was three weeks later when I went to the funeral directors, and actually saw them dead, cold in their coffins,” he said.

The father tells reporters that the children were looking forward to spending some time with him after getting home from the camping trip. They wanted to take him to take them to a local hotspot for Pokemon hunting using the popular Pokemon Go app.

Mark and Kate Goldsmith, Aimee's mother and father, were also on the camping trip and following behind. They saw the crash that killed their daughter.

“We pulled up behind some lorries, just crawling along, everyone slowed, and then that was it... Bang!” said Mark.

When footage came out showing the careless driver being more interested in his phone than in watching the road, it was hard for the surviving parents to watch. Kate says she cringes whenever she sees a driver using a phone.

“I continue to see drivers using their phones. It sickens me," she says in tears. "If they had seen the devastation they brought my family, or to other families, by breaking the law, using phones illegally, distracting themselves from driving a potential weapon, would they be as sickened as we are?”

Kroker was sentenced to 10 years.

'Impaired or distracted' drivers have been found responsible for some 440 accidents in the U.K. last year, including 22 fatalities. A new law has been passed in England. Drivers who are caught using phones while behind the wheel are subject to losing six points on their license and paying a $250 fine.

“Given the tragic consequences which can result from any driver using a mobile phone when driving it is important that all drivers understand the consequences of their actions.”

Source: The Sun
Photo: YouTube

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