Doctor Allegedly Sprinkled Cocaine On His Penis, Causing Girlfriend to Die In Overdose

Online dating opened up a whole new world for singles, whether they were looking for true and lasting love, or whether they were just seeking a one night stand.

While it’s great that you can just hop on the internet and meet someone compatible for a romantic encounter, it’s also very scary when you think about who it is you’re meeting. Even someone who is a professional, who seems to be reputable and respectable, could have sinister plans.

This is what some women in Germany learned after meeting the same doctor on a dating website. Unfortunately, one woman lost her life because of the encounter.

A doctor in Germany may have been responsible for the death of his girlfriend, according to authorities. The doctor was in the habit of sprinkling cocaine on his penis before sexual encounters with women.

'The victims who have been heard so far have all indicated that they have been ill at the meetings.

"All of them showed reactions due to the use of narcotics," said Chief prosecutor Hal Roggenbuck.

Most of them suffered no ill effects, but one woman died. "All of them showed reactions due to the use of narcotics."

Dr. Andreas Niederbichler, a 42-year-old plastic surgeon, has been arrested and charged bodily harm leading to death. Police suspect that the chief physician of Ameos Hospital in Halberstad gave her cocaine without her knowledge. Three other women he allegedly drugged have been found.

According to the three witnesses, they all met the doctor online and the meetings led to sexual encounters. The sex was consensual, but the women say that something went wrong when they performed oral sex on him.

The doctor was allegedly dusting his penis with the narcotic prior to the sexual encounters. All of the former victims survived and had no adverse effects from the drug.

The doctor and his latest partner/victim ran out of luck in an encounter in February of 2016. The unnamed women performed oral sex on the doctor at his home, and collapsed. She went into convulsions and the doctor called an ambulance.

The woman was raced to a hospital just a few minutes away from the doctor's home and was quickly admitted. The 38 year old woman died soon after she arrived.

According to Web MD, the drug causes a surge of the brain chemical dopamine into parts of the brain that control pleasure. The result is an intense surge in energy and alertness.

It is a highly addictive and dangerous drug, however, that can result in convulsions, seizures, heart attack, stroke, and, if swallowed, bowel decay. Overdoses are difficult to treat, and usually results in a stroke or heart attack.

It's unknown if the victim was a user of cocaine or not, but police don’t believe she was aware that Niederbichler was drugging her. The other women he had sex with were not aware that he was using the drug until they were feeling high from the drug.

Niederbichler, a 42-year-old top plastic surgeon in his country, is being held in a drug dependency unit and is reportedly receiving treatment for addiction.

It’s a stark reminder of how careful people have to be when agreeing to meet with complete strangers. While the vast majority of people aren’t dangerous, there are people out there to worry about.

Source: New York Post
Photos: Drug Abuse, Fox News, .v1ctor Casale./Flickr

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