Employee Seen Doing This With The Trash - Customer Starts Recording (Video)

73-year-old Charlotte Landry is nothing short of amazing. Charlotte, who is physically handicapped due to a stroke, still works as a full-time employee at a McDonald’s restaurant in Blackwell, Oklahoma, and she outworks many of her younger colleagues.

A customer at the McDonalds saw Charlotte in action, and decided to take a video to post on Facebook. The video makes it clear that Charlotte has a strong work ethic as she moved rapidly around the restaurant, cleaning tables, taking trash to the dumpsters and greeting customers with a bright hello.

You can see in the clip that the hard-working employee only has one good arm, but still mages to get everything done without a problem. Charlotte admits a few things can be a bit difficult for her since she can’t use her left arm after nerve damage from a stroke almost five decades ago when she was 25-years-old.

The Facebook post included a kind note: “My kids and I watched her do all the work that she was doing with one hand and I thought what an amazing woman. She gave me hope and to be thankful for everything we have. Charlotte gave me this feeling that no matter what we should never give up. I think she deserves to be woman of the year.”

Anyone who watches this short video of Charlotte will be inspired.

Source: KFOR
Photo: YouTube

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