Eric Trump Immediately Regrets Posing With This Woman For A Photo

A 23-year-old woman punked the Trump campaign by posing for a photo with a smiling Eric Trump while wearing a homemade “Latina Contra Trump” shirt — which means Latina against Trump.

Annie Cardelle, a second-generation Cuban-American, did not attend the rally in Salisbury, North Carolina to hear Eric and his wife Lara speak last Friday afternoon, but came to support her 17-year-old sister Ceci.

It turns out that Annie had the last laugh when Eric Trump happily posed for a pic of her wearing what he obviously thought was a shirt supporting his father.

“I thought "contra" was pretty clear, but I guess not,” Cardelle explained in an interview.

Annie said she agreed to attend the rally to appease her sister, but decided she was going to make a 'little bit of a statement.'

Annie wrote 'Latina Contra Trump' with a marker on a white T-shirt and pulled a sweater over it before heading out to the rally.

She said she was a bit nervous wearing the protest shirt in the big pro-Trump crowd, but no one noticed or understood what her shirt said when she took off her sweater.

When it was time for photos, each person was looked over before they were allowed to pose with Eric and Lara, and Ceci figured her sister's shirt would prevent them from getting their picture taken.

But no, Annie's shirt once was not commented on, and they all smiled for the camera in the pic.

"No one at the rally realized my shirt said AGAINST Tr*mp... congrats, y'all played yourselves [sic]," Annie noted gleefully when she shared the pic on Twitter.

Source: MailOnlie
Photo: Annie And Ceci Cardelle/MailOnline

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