Sinister Ex-Boyfriend Makes Woman Dinner, Reveals He Cooked Her Dog

A California man just couldn't let it go after his girlfriend dumped him. The allegedly abusive lover first stalked his ex-girlfriend for a while and made many threats.

During a short reconciliation, the man tried to make things up to her by serving her a nice dinner. After they broke up again, she was horrified when he revealed just what he'd served her that night.

The victim, whose name is being protected, had contacted police to report her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Eddy Watenpaugh of Palo Cedro, California, who had physically assaulted her and was stalking her.

She told police that he made some threatening comments, and left a shocking surprise for her on her doorstep.

The couple had dated for several months, but Watenpaugh's abusive behavior drove the lady to end the relationship. The abuse was very serious. Twice, her boyfriend had held her against her will.

She had numerous bruises and abrasions from assaults she endured during their relationship. She knew she had to get out.

Unfortunately, things didn't get that much better when she left him. Watenpaugh stalked the woman and threatened her. Around that time, her Pomeranian dog, named Bear, seemed to disappear.

Finally, Watenpaugh convinced her to give the relationship another try. That was short-lived, though. They got into an argument and she was back out the door.

She fled out the back of his apartment and ran home, where she locked herself in and prayed for the best.

Watenpaugh later called her after she left. He asked her how her dog tasted and began taunting her by telling her that the dinner he served her was made from meat from her beloved missing pet, Bear.

He told her he was going to return some of what was left of the dog to her, and threatened to do despicable things with the rest of the dog's remains.

In the wee hours of the morning a few days later, she heard a truck pull up outside her home. She saw Watenpaugh get out and leave something on her porch.

When he left, she found a brown paper bag on her porch. When she opened the paper bag, she found dog paws inside that she identified as Bear's.

After the victim called the police, the Sheriff's Department went to investigate. They read the text messages and realized that there was a lot of anger and resentment.

Watenpaugh denied killing the dog this time, but officers searched his home and found illegal firearms: a Romanian variant AK-47 and multiple high-capacity magazines.

Watenpaugh was arrested and charged with domestic violence, false imprisonment, stalking and animal abuse. The prosecuting attorney will also be seeking charges for the firearms violations. He's being held in jail on a $250,000 bond.

"It’s sad, that if indeed the dog was killed as part of this incident - because, dogs, as you know, they are innocent; all they want is affection and love," dog lover and police Sgt. Todd Cogle NBC News. "For someone to take advantage of that innocence is obviously sad and depressing."

Source: NBC News
Photo: Redding Police Department, KRCR via WPIX

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