Ex-Girlfriend Sues 86-Year-Old Sugar Daddy For $1.5 Million In 'Unpaid Wages'

Daniela Zahradnikova, 42, is suing her 86-year-old "sugar daddy" for $1.5 million. In her suit, she claims that he would provide for her "for the rest of her life" and that they had a "partnership agreement." Although Henry Buhl, 86, has moved on to another girlfriend, Zahradnikova claims she's owed $1.5 million in unpaid wages.

In 2006, Zahradnikova moved into Buhl's 8,000 square-foot Manhattan loft. They are now living on opposite ends of the loft.

Buhl wants Zahradnikova to move out so his new girlfriend can move in. According to her lawsuit, she said she would fulfill "all wifely duties and obligations of a domestic nature." This included cooking and lots of sex. In return, Buhl would "support, maintain and provide for (her) in accordance with his earning capacity for the rest of her life."

Zahradnikova's attorney, Michael Barrows, said his client honored the verbal agreement by cleaning, keeping his books, and managing his two boutiques called Space Sixteen before they closed last year.

Buhl told the New York Post that he's been "asking her to leave for the last two or three years." He added, "She wanted to get a full time job because she wasn't making enough to rent an apartment. Now we have asked her to leave by the end of the month. So she filed a lawsuit. I'm so disappointed."

He went on to say, "I've given her free rent for a long time, for about ten years. It never worked."

Ten years ago, the Czechoslovakia native was a waitress at the Mercer Hotel where Buhl picked her up. Buhl is a former banker and now runs a foundation and non-profit for the homeless.

He is best known for his art collections. One of his photo collections sold for $12.5 million at a 2012 auction.

Photo: Black Tie Magazine, Pinterest

Woman sues former lover for unpaid wages.

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