Father-To-Be Receives Heartbreaking News Weeks Before His Child's Birth

A man from Colorado was stunned when doctors told him that he had an aggressive brain cancer less than a month before his first child was due to be born.

Cagney Wenk, of Boulder, was diagnosed with an advanced brain tumor last month, a mere three weeks before fiancee Jessica Li was scheduled to birth their baby boy.

"Just the emotions of having a baby in general is enough for one couple to handle," Wenk's sister, Marissa commented in an interview with the media.

The doctors immediately went ahead with his treatment, which included three brain surgeries, but when Li went into labor, people came together to make sure Wenk could witness his son entering the world.

"It was a possibility [he wouldn't be there]," Marissa pointed out.

When Jessica went into labor, Wenk was still in the ICU after an operation, but with the help of nurses who wheeled his bed and medical equipment to his wife’s bedside, he was able to be there as she gave birth.

Nurses wheeled their two beds next to each other after the baby was born, and in the video clip Wenk starts to sob quietly as he held Levon in his own arms.

"We have all the love in the world around us right now," Wenk said in the video.

Source: Yahoo
Photo: Yahoo

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