Father Shamed For Doing This With His Newborn Inside A Store

A good portion of retailers have made the forward-looking choice of providing their customers with designated family changing rooms, which are typically in the same vicinity as standard men’s and women’s rooms. The concept is fairly straightforward. Parents of young children have a restroom they can use without being separated, and it makes for a smoother shopping experience for those customers. The concept has become quite common, but there are still some people that are hopelessly stuck in the past, and as such, they have a problem with it.

As the Independent Journal Review reports, this family recently had a run in with a woman that was pretty taken aback by seeing a husband in the family changing room.

"That's disgusting to see a full grown man in a parents' room with a little girl,” the woman reportedly said.

Melissa and Damien Leeson were taken aback as well, but their consternation had to do with the woman’s rudeness.

“Maybe just to keep their opinions to themselves. I just don't understand why it is such a huge problem or issue for a father to be hands-on. The only thing I can think of is that maybe this lady didn't get the help when her child was young. There's a little part of me that thinks that she was jealous,” Melissa explains.

Melissa makes some solid points on a couple of levels, and she may be onto something on the jealousy front. Perhaps the aggrieved woman feels that Damien tending to his daughter was ‘disgusting’ because her significant other doesn’t do the same, and that’s both unfortunate and her loss. Melissa’s pretty clear that she’s got a winner in Damien.

“It's heartwarming to see how great and hands-on dads are with any child these days. I remember as a kid just how much I loved spending time with my dad; he was the best fun. I think I had a great dad. I could see even before we had Harpah that Damien was going to be a great dad. He just has such a huge heart,” she continued.

Source: IJ Review
Photo:Melissa Leeson

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