Florida Pastor And Wife Adopt Homeless Toddlers Left Outside Their Ministry

Ronnie and Krystal Stewart, a Florida pastor and wife, found two homeless and near-naked toddlers outside their ministry's offices. It was a night, in November, when they were asked to take care of the pair of homeless toddlers.

The boys, one two years of age, and one just seven months old, were found in a pile of trash bags outside Pasco County's Metropolitan Ministries office by Mark Purcell, its executive chef.

Purcell told Fox 13, "There were actually four or five bags. A child in a car seat was on top of a bag. The other child was sitting there with his feet, cold. They were only in diapers, no clothes."

It was later discovered that the pair had been living with their parents in the woods. Initially, Pastor Ronnie Stewart and his wife Krystal only intended to bathe and feed the infants. The boys' mother was nearby, hiding from Purcell.

On November 6, the couple had been sitting outside the church for around 10 hours. The parents asked the couple if they could take the children in for the night to bathe and feed them. Krystal and Ronnie already have three children of their own, and they said yes.

Krystal told Fox 13, "They were covered in bug bites, head to toe. They were so filthy, that we actually had to bathe, and drain, and bathe again, two different times. The toddler who did have shoes on didn't have any socks on. When we took his shoes off, the little skin on the top of his feet actually came off."

The children then slept for 10 hours straight.

Krystal told Today, "I don't think they've ever slept in a bed before." They returned the children to their parents the next day, but saw them again the day after. The parents asked them, "Would you be willing to temporarily take our children while we decided what we're gonna do?" Ronnie and Krystal said yes.

It's been five months, and the Stewarts are planning to adopt the boys to join their other children, Ronnie, 15, Riley, 13, and Selah, 8. The adoption paperwork is expected to be finalized this month.

Krystal said, "We don't look at it as we are somebody special. We look at it as they are special, and we are just excited to be part of their journey."

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