Former Beauty Queen Lives Dream Life As Male

Ashton Colby, 23, from Columbus, Ohio was born a female but lives as a man with his straight girlfriend. As a teenager, Ashton had an enviable figure and long blonde hair. Although, Ashton came out as a lesbian at 13 and started taking testosterone in 2012. In addition, in 2013, his father paid for an $8,000 double mastectomy. He is now deciding whether to have sexual re-assignment surgery.

When Ashton was 17, he started competing in beauty pageants, while dreaming of life as a man.

Ashton said, "When I came out as transgender, people didn't understand that I wanted to be a man when I was such a pretty girl. But being a beautiful blonde girl wasn't really who I was inside. I'm much happier as a man and I don't miss the dresses and make up--I love having stubble and biceps! This is my true self."

He went on to say "I tried to be a girly lesbian and put a lot of effort into trying to convince people that I was happy. My friends and family encouraged me to be girlie so I went to the gym a lot and I did my hair and make-up every day. Lots of the girls at school were jealous of my looks."

In fact, Ashton was the runner-up in Miss Teen Columbus. Ashton said, "I couldn't keep up the act, messed up and broke down in tears after the show." After Miss Ohio, Ashton started watching YouTube videos about trans men who were the same age. Ashton now has chest hair and a deeper voice. Ashton added "I'm confident enough now to explore who I really am. I don't care what other people think anymore."

Photo: Daily Mail

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