Girl Tortured For 5 Years By Her Parents - Then The Unexpected Happens

A woman who was severely abused as a child for five years is grateful to be able to move on with her life.

Lauren Kavanaugh, 21 years old today, and living in Athens, Texas, was forced to stay in a 4ft by 9ft closet from the age of three until eight years old by her mother Barbara Atkinson and stepfather Kenny Atkinson.

The cruel child abusers called Lauren their “little secret,” but were caught when they showed the emaciated girl to a neighbor who called police.

Lauren was pulled from the closet at her mother's home in Dallas, Texas, in 2001 only weighing 25.6 pounds. She was eight and about the average weight of a two-year-old.

She was immediately taken to the hospital, but her organs had started to shut down. She was in the hospital for months, but she survived.

She also suffered years of sexual abuse, leaving her physically damaged so that she needed several reconstructive surgeries to gain a close to normal function.

Kavanaugh is a fighter, and she has recovered from her severe trauma, and is now a student who supports other victims of child abuse.

Of note, her disgustingly evil and cruel parents were convicted of felony injury to a child, and were sentenced to life in prison. Neither one is eligible for parole until 2031.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: MailOnline

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