Grandma Defends Her Home Using This - Sends Robber Running

Don’t mess with Texas grandmother Rebbie Roberson. A would-be home intruder learned that lesson this weekend.

Apparently a man wearing a mask and gloves broke into her house Sunday night.

"When I started to get up, he was in here on me with a gun facing me right to my face," she explained in an interview with CNN.

The 74-year-old grandmother was prepared.

"I reached over there [pointing to a nearby table] and grabbed this gun. And when I swerved around, I pointed it at him and he ran."

The intruder immediately started to run and got out of the house. Roberson says she chased after firing her .38-caliber pistol at the man several times.

"I tried to kill him," she commented. "Anybody break in on me, I'm going to kill them. He's going to kill me or I'm going to kill him."

It is not clear if the man was hit by any of the shots, but police are searching for him. However, in any case, Roberson will not be charged with a crime.

"Every citizen, according to the Texas penal code, has the right to defend themselves and their family," Bowie County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Jeff Neal remarked to the media.

Roberson said it was the first and with any luck the last time she ever had to fire her weapon.

"That was the scare of my life," she noted.

Source: CNN
Photo: YouTube

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