Grandmother Pays Dearly for Leaving Infant Grandson Alone in Car

A Georgia grandmother was charged with second-degree murder and child cruelty after her grandson died of heat stroke because she left him in the car, with the heat, for five hours.

Barbara Michelle Pemberton, 47, drove her Ford Focus with her 13-month-old grandson, Shadoe, in the back seat. She wanted to visit with friends and found him asleep in the back seat. It was a cold January day, so, she turned the heater on and left him alone.

Five hours later, or around 4 p.m., she returned to find Shadoe lifeless. She and her friends performed CPR with no success. He was then rushed to Hutcheson Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Michelle said the time got away from her, even though her friends had urged her to check on him earlier. He officially died of hyperthermia.

The internal temperature of the car was 100 degrees. Michelle is being held in the Walker County Jail on a $100,000 bond.

Photo: Youtube

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