Grieving Mother Hurt After Being Kicked Out Of Daughter's Prom

In October, Regina Talabert's daughter, Noricia, was caught and killed in gang crossfire. Noricia was a senior in high school who was a high achiever and looking forward to attending college. Last Friday would have been her senior prom. Just a few hours before the prom, State Rep. Kionne McGhee had asked her mom to attend Noricia's prom with him.

He shared that he had already cleared it with the school. Regina could not have been happier and jumped at the chance. She even wore the same beautiful necklace Noricia wore in her high school graduation photos. At first, things seemed to be going along just fine.

They danced and chatted with Noricia's classmates. Regina even brought Noricia's graduation picture with her. That night, Talabert's friend, anti-gun activist Tangela Sears posted pictures of the couple writing, "[Miami-Dad County Public Schools] asked them to leave the Prom. Yes, they put them out. Shame on You MDCPS. To experience this on the weekend of Mothers' Day is Embarrassing, Painful for this Mom and Totally Disrespectful to our State Rep."

In addition, Talabert told the Miami-Herald "It really hurts me to know they wanted us to leave. We weren't causing any problems. I don't see why it should be a problem for me to live out her dreams. That's all I have, is her memories."

Hundreds showed their support on Spears' Facebook page. One person wrote, "Not surprising when it comes to the school board. They don't care about our children." J.C. DeArmas had been the acting principal since the current principal had been injured in a car crash on April 29. DeArmas said that McGhee never cleared it with their office, and he had no idea that McGhee and Talabert were attending. Moreover, he said he let them continue dancing even though they have a police that parents don't come into the ballroom.

He said he had to draw the line when McGhee requested a shout out for Talabert, violating the school's "no shout outs" policy. DeArmas said he was hurt by comments that the school didn't care about parents. He said, "To work in these schools, you have to have heart. You have to love what you do, otherwise why would you do it?"

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