Have You Ever Seen Someone Spray Apple Cider Vinegar In Their Yard? The Reason Is Genius!

The uses of apple cider vinegar (ACV) seem never-ending. You might want to stock up on this miracle product, which apparently can do something for just about any purpose. Here's why you'll want to keep some ACV in every room of the house.

Keep a spray bottle of ACV in the kitchen mixed with an equal amount of water. This is the best grease buster you'll ever use. You can use it to clean and sanitize your counters, appliances and windows.

Mix up a bottle of 1/3 cup of ACV and 2/3 cup of water. Leave it in the bathroom for when you brush your teeth. Gargle with it to kill bacteria that cause bad breath. As an added bonus, rub it into your scalp about an hour before showering to help stop dandruff.

In the bedroom, keep a mixture of water with a splash of olive oil and apple cider. It's the cheapest but most effective wood polish you'll ever use on your bedroom furniture.

Make another mixture to use in the living room to keep the hardwood floors and woodwork gleaming.

You can use it to clean the dining room, but also remember it is a tasty and healthy vinegar. Use it on salads or add a splash to your steamed vegetables to wake up the flavor.

ACV in the laundry room makes an inexpensive but effective fabric softener. Pour a cup into the washing machine during the rinse water cycle. Don't worry; that vinegar smell will dissipate as the cloths dry.

Out in the yard, you can use diluted ACV on weed patches to kill them off. Just keep it away from the plants you actually want to keep - it's a powerful herbicide.

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