His Wife Attempted To Kill Him - He Makes An Unexpected Revelation

A tragic scenario has played out in the state of Florida that has left three children without a mother. Holly Fisher, 46, fatally shot herself, but not before attempting to kill her husband, 46-year-old Jason Fisher. As Yahoo shares, Jason was wounded in the incident but managed to hang on, and he has released a statement on the shocking incident.

It’s unclear exactly what caused Holly to go ballistic, and there’s no word on whether the couple’s children were present. Jason was shot in the chest and hand, and he was rushed to the hospital. He’s currently listed in stable condition.

“I just want to address that my wife and I deeply love each other and regardless of what has happened, that love persists. My wife was a beautiful person and will be remembered for the wonderful things she has done. Hundreds and hundreds of lives have been touched by her,” he said.

Holly was a sixth-grade teacher at Heron Creek Middle School, and she has been employed in the Sarasota County School District for 19 years. Her employers are among the many who are completely stunned by what happened.

“Our entire school community is saddened by this tragic loss. We all loved Ms. Fisher; she was a great teacher. She will be deeply missed by our students and staff,” said principal Matthew Gruhl.

Her distraught father, Ed Morgan, paints a picture of an active and engaged mom, and he described her “a soccer mom, volleyball mom, cross-country mom,” as well as a “track mom.”

No word on whether or not there is a history of domestic violence between the couple, or if they were currently in the midst of a tumultuous stretch in their relationship. Speculation is undoubtedly making the rounds in the community about what led Holly to go over the edge, but hopefully her husband, children and family will receive the space they need to come to terms with the stunning turn of events.

Source: Yahoo
Photo: Facebook

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