Husband Finds Creative Means of Brightening Up Depressed Wife's Day

On Dec. 7, Molly Murphy, who uses the handle "mollywho" posted a picture on Imgur of a note her husband wrote on a mirror to cheer her up. Since her posting, the image has gone viral with over 1.5 million views.

Murphy wrote "I've not been the easiest person to deal with. In fact, sometimes I've lost all hope and even taken my frustration out on my new husband. But he somehow forgives me every time. I have a long journey ahead of me, and I know he probably realizes I'm depressed. But he holds my hand, and he tries his best."

She continued "Today when I came home from a trip to SF, I flopped onto my bed in tears. I looked to my left, and saw these words painted all across my mirror. I think he wanted me to remember how much he loves me. Because he knows how quickly I forget. He knows I struggle to see good in the world, and especially the good in myself. But here it is. A testament and gesture of his love. Damn, I needed it today..." His handwritten note reads:

1. She is my best friend
2. She never quits on herself or me
3. She gives me time to work on my crazy projects
4. She makes me laugh, every day
5. She is gorgeous
6. She accepts the crazy person I am
7. She's the kindest person I know
8. She's got a beautiful singing voice
9. She's gone to a strip club with me
10. She has experienced severe tragedy yet is the most optimistic person about humanity I know
11. She has been fully supportive about my career choices and followed me each time
12. Without realizing it, she makes me want to do more for her than I have ever wanted to do for anyone
13. She's done an amazing job at advancing her career path
14. Small animals make her cry
15. She snorts when she laughs

Murphy added "I'm not saying mental illness is cured by nice words on a mirror. In fact, it takes professional care, love, empathy, sometimes even medication just to cope. Many people struggle with it mental illness - more than we probably even realize. And instead of showing them hate or anger when they act out. Show them kindness and remind them things can and WILL get better. Everyone needs a little help sometimes. If that person can't be you - see if you have any resources for therapy."

Photo: ABC News Go, Opposing Views

Husband writes wife sweet note when she needed it most.

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