Joker's Signs Has Community In Stitches

One small town in Colorado is lucky enough to have a community member who brightens everyone's day with a good chuckle. Vince Rozmiarek of Indian Hills has been posting funny jokes on the community center sign for the last five years. It started with an April Fool's Day joke, and everyone loved it so much that they asked Rozmiarek for more. He was happy to oblige.

Now, the sign philosopher has become something of a mini-celebrity in the local area. Locals look forward to the new messages just to see what he’s going to come up with next. Since people began posting his signs online, he’s becoming an internet sensation.

Political Jokes

Unfortunately, this joke has turned out to be prophetic too many times. But still, as they say, if you don't laugh about things, you'll cry. It's better to laugh.

Facebook/Indian Hills Community Sign

Staying P.C.

If you have to be politically correct, you might as well have fun with it, like Rozmiarek does. It is the thought that counts, as they say.

Facebook/Indian Hills Community Sign

Clever Puns

Rozmiarek has gotten very clever with word play. Some of these bad puns will make you laugh out loud despite yourself.

Facebook/Indian Hills Community Sign

Name Change

Some of the jokes might take a second, but when you get it, it's usually good. "It is hard to keep coming up with material, but I do try," the joker says.

Facebook/Indian Hills Community Sign

Laughing At Himself

Sometimes Rozmiarek just has fun laughing at himself, such as with this joke about eating healthy. Some residents (especially the chocolate lovers) might not appreciate signs like these though-- they are bound to make you hungry.

Facebook/Indian Hills Community Sign

Poignant and Relevant

Sometimes Rozmiarek reminds us to focus on the little things. World peace would be nice, but it's going to take some work. Focusing on using your turn signals right now, though, and you can instantly make your own neck of the woods a better (and safer) place. Brilliant.

Facebook/Indian Hills Community Sign

Creative Commas

Sometimes and entire message can change and become a joke just by the way Rozmierek plays with commas. Add one, or subtract one, in just the right place, and the whole meaning changes.
Public Service Announcements

Facebook/Indian Hills Community Sign
Some of the messages, despite being funny, are just a good reminder about living your life to the fullest. This one may be a pun on math and statistic terms, but it's true enough.


Some messages have hidden agendas, such those pointing at environmental issues. It's true-- a world without chocolate would be such a dismal place. When he puts it that way, it'll make you want to donate to Greenpeace.

Facebook/Indian Hills Community Sign


Rozmierek might be up to some shenanigans with his messages, but the town really benefits from the good-natured jokes. What a great way to spread joy and laughter through your community, and beyond.

Facebook/Indian Hills Community Sign

Source: Bored Panda

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