Judge Rules Wife's Lover Pay Husband $8.8 Million For 'Alienation of Affection'

A North Carolina man is feeling vindicated after successfully suing his wife's lover. The wife was having an illicit affair with another man whenever her husband was away, and eventually the wife moved out of the marital home and in with her lover.

Until her lover came along, the man said he and his wife had a good marriage. The judge apparently agreed, considering the startling ruling that might make adulterers think twice.

Keith King, a 48-year-old North Carolina resident, says his marriage was going fine until 2015. That's when another man began having an affair with King's wife, 33-year-old Danielle.

King learned about Danielle's affair with Francisco Huizar through phone records. He says he was devastated.

"To me that was the most important thing, the most sacred thing — my family... Every time he knew I was out of town, he would come into town," said King.

The husband was not ready to give up on the marriage. After discovering about his wife's infidelity, King confronted the lover. He tells Inside Edition in an interview, "I called him from her phone and I said, 'She's a married woman, leave her alone. Don't you ever contact her again.'"

He thought it was over, but he was wrong. Danielle and Huizar continued their affair in secret for months. Finally, Danielle left King and moved out of their home. She moved into an apartment. When King went there to plead with her to come home with him and their daughter, hoping to save their family. He was stunned to discover Huizar was there.

"She’s my wife man — she’s my wife!" King yelled at his wife's lover. "I felt like I just witnessed her die."

King sued Huizar, claiming the lover caused alienation of affection between him and his wife. He provided call records, hotel receipts and social media posts as evidence for the illicit affair that was going on. The judge agreed that King was due damages, awarded him nearly $9 million.

King says that it may be a victory, but it doesn't change anything for him. He is still without his wife, which he says was more important than any money he could have won.

"There isn't a dollar amount that you can put on it for what I think my family's worth," he complains.

North Carolina is only one of a handful of states that allow spouses to sue their spouse's lover for infidelity. Other states that have similar laws include Hawaii, Mississippi, New Mexico, Utah and South Dakota.

"The alienation of affections law in North Carolina is archaic, demeans the obligations of spouses in a marriage, and should be stricken," said Cheri Patrick, Huizar's attorney.

Danielle claims that the marriage didn't end because of the affair, but because she had had enough of King. She claims her estranged husband was a control freak. He made her dye her hair blonde. He forced to work at his business, a BMX Stunt Show performed at football games and state fairs around the country.

King says Danielle's claims are '100 percent false'.

Huizar plans to appeal the ruling.

"Verdicts like these ignore the realities of how and why marriages fail, and remove personal responsibility for a person's own marriage," she said. "There are no winners in these cases.”

Source: Inside Edition
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